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What Kinds of Website Marketing Work?

Custom-designed Website Marketing to boost your ROIThe Best Website Marketing Plan is Unique to YOUR Business

Your Website is the Hub of your Online Presence.
Your business goals, processes, resources, and audience determine which platforms will deliver the best results.

Website Marketing, Content Marketing, and Your Online Presence

Inbount/Outbound Website Marketing Tools

Your Website is the Hub of Your Online Presence
How to Make it and other sites WORK FOR YOU!

The image above shows typical inbound and outbound website marketing tools.  What your business offers will determine which types of website marketing will work best for you.

Your website is the hub of operations.  First, it is the "public face" of your business, displaying company info along with products and services that you offer.  Next, additional web pages can be developed for many reasons which are discussed below. 
And you should definitely be using an "" business email!  (Included in McDel's Get Noticed! Hosting Plans)

Your Business Email is essential in communicating with visitors and customers.  You'll also use it to set-up business page accounts on other websites.

Develop a Content Marketing & Management Strategy

The goal of content marketing is to have a strategic plan to bring you prospects, turn visitors into customers, provide customer service, and get you referrals.

Hit Your Mark!You have to Know What You're Aiming at to Hit Your Mark!

Your Content Management Strategy session will define your current content and design resources.  An update plan for adding fresh content on your website is developed.  Any existing or new content can be re-purposed to post on other sites too.  Types of pages and content that will work best for your business are discussed.

Your Content Marketing Strategy session will help you define your ideal customer, and where to find them.  Topics and a posting schedule to reach your prospects and/or customers on a consistent basis are determined.  Then, we'll outline the content and design resources needed to use in your website marketing.  A plan to manage and integrate the incoming flow and responses with your business processes is discussed. 

Your Online Presence Strategy session helps you to "pick and choose" which websites, platforms, and tools to use for website marketing that will be most effective for YOUR business.  The result is a higher ROI.  In addition to using other websites for marketing, several sites offer tools that may be useful in your situation.  Email Marketing, CMS (Content Management Systems), and E-Commerce sites are a few options.

Content Management...
Landing Pages and Welcoming Web Users

With your website as the hub of your online web presence, Landing Pages are like the spokes in the wheel, designed to welcome and receive the visitors being funneled from other sites (including the search engines!) and other marketing mediums.

Each page on your site has a unique URL (web page address / link).  So, depending on the offer and/or the source, you can send prospects to a specific landing page.  ex:

Based on your goals, your landing page usually has only one CTA (Call-To-Action); but, you may have multiple options.  Whichever CTA the user clicks, the next page, the "thanks or squeeze page", is designed to take your visitor by the hand, and guide them to more information on your website that is relevant to where they are in their "buyer journey". 
Some CTA's notify you of the visitor's interaction, such as when they place an order or request an appointment. 

Your CTA for a page may be "Contact Us" which allows users to give their email (and any other info you want in a custom-designed form) so that you can follow-up with offers, news, or answering their questions. 

Another common CTA is "Subscribe".  Users enter email to receive your newsletter or be notified when you update your blog. 

"Buy" and "Check-out" are the most common CTA's on e-commerce sites.

Whether it is a question from a website user, or an order from your online store, the ultimate goal of your CTA's is to send you (or your staff) an email to begin or continue an ongoing relationship. 

Timely follow-up with the prospect or customer will create a positive impression.

Website and Content Marketing - Funnels
(sources of traffic from your SEO and content marketing)

Make other sites work for you with website and content marketingYour online funnels could be SER (Search Engine Results), email campaigns, Social Media posts, your newsletters, blogs, YouTube!, directory sites, maps, review sites, news stories, ads, articles...

"Offline funnels" are "traditional media" sources such as signage, marketing materials and ad campaigns.  Be sure to include a URL to the landing page you want, or at least your website address!

Search Engines as Funnels

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is the fundamental tool to promote your website. The ultimate goal of search engine optimization (SEO) is to be found by your target audience/market while they're searching for what you offer and to cause them to visit your website and use your site/services or buy your product
Most internet users don't scroll past the second or third page of search engine results pages (SER aka SERPs), so getting several pages ranked well by the major search engines should be the initial marketing focus in the development of your website.

Business Accounts on other Websites
= Website Marketing Funnels
also part of Your Online Presence

Have you seen links to "Claim Your Business Listing" on sites such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Mapquest, Yelp, etc.?  These websites are designed to send visitors to your website.  Making sure that your listings are accurate and utilizing the tools available on these sites can be instrumental in acquiring new and repeat business.  Your Online Presence Strategy session helps determine which sites are needed for your business.

Social Media and many other popular websites, such as YouTube! and Pinterest allow you to create a business page/account on their site to post your content.  Developing a Content Marketing Strategy can help you plan and design posts that are effective in promoting your business.

Shares, Reviews, Referrals, Ratings, Testimonials
Word-of-Mouth on-line

Essentially, your posts are advertisements for your business.  The art of posting (or content marketing) is connecting with the audience you want to reach.  A post may be designed to generate "word-of-mouth" online (i.e. shares, likes, referrals).  Or the purpose may be to announce or promote a product or service with a CTA that links to a specific landing page on your website.  The CTA on the landing page may be for lead generation or for the user to buy your product or service.

It takes some research and analysis to know which website platforms will work best for you.  In coordinating your marketing efforts, you have lots of options when planning and deciding which tools and resources you want to use. 

Schedule your free custom website and content marketing strategy session
Schedule your FREE Strategy Session
Content Management ~ Content Marketing ~ Online Presence

Website Content Management & Marketing>
Your Web Pages, Landing Pages
Includes Professional Copywriting + SEO + Graphics

Schedule your free consultation for SEO content development and management, professional copywriting, website marketing servicesYour core/main website pages can also function as landing pages.  Several pages can be re-purposed for downloads offered on landing pages.  Schedule your Content Management Strategy Session to determine what types of content will be most effective for YOUR business.

  • FAQs > $350-$1000/page
    great for SEO as web pages, and to be reused in newsletters, info posts, and more... (typically 500+ words)
  • Tips & Tricks, Check Lists, "Top 10's", Cheat Sheets, QRCs (Quick Reference Cards) > $375-$750/each
    short, helpful resources for visitors > usually available as a 1-page download (avg. 250-500 words)
  • How-To Guides > $450-$1000/each
    more extensive - with graphics - resources for visitors and/or customers
  • Surveys, Polls, Quizzes > $250-$500/page
    initial custom set-up from $350
  • Infographics > $1500-$2000
    1-2 pages, includes research, copywriting, branding and graphics
  • E-books, on-line manuals, tutorials > $2000-$7000
    highly informative and useful to customers > in-depth, and/or step-by-step instructions
  • White Papers > $2000-$8000
  • Case Studies, Video Testimonials> $1000-$2000
  • Lead-Generation Landing Page > $500-$1500
    CTA such as subscribe or download, short copy with custom form (and email notification) + thanks page
  • Sales Conversion Copy > $750-$1200/page
    2000-3000 words

Whether the landing page is for visitors from a search engine, an email, a blog page, a social post, or some other source, you'll have "follow-up" or "squeeze" pages.  They may be a thanks screen, or an "are you sure / second attempt with CTA" page, or a link to subscribe or download a free resource.

Free consultation for website content marketing servicesWebsite Content Marketing >
Other Websites + Posts, Emails, Etc.
Includes Professional Copywriting + SEO + Graphics

  • E-mail, direct mail, multi-media ad campaigns - > $375-$2000 request free Content Marketing Strategy Session
  • Emails > $75-$2000
  • Directory/Review site business page posts > from $49/session
  • Social Media ads/posts > $75-$1000
  • Social Media Campaigns > $500-$2000
    • Includes SEO-focused copywriting
    • branding, graphics, researched hashtags
    • link to landing page(s)
    • campaigns include Online Presence and Content Marketing Strategy session, posting calendar, social media performance reports
  • Event Calendars > from $25/each
    Add/edit listing
  • Community Forums/Groups - request free quote
  • Newsletter - delivered via email,
    &/or Blog, - subscription-based followers
    &/or Articles/News - section(s) on your website
     > $500-$3000
    • Content Marketing Strategy session
    • Editorial Calendar
    • Contact/list management and/or integration
    • Online set-up and basic post template
    • Includes current, archive, categories, and comments sections
    • Newsletter print version also available - includes initial layout and structure instead of online set-up with current, archive and comments sections
  • Newsletters, blogs, articles > per post/article $500-$1200
    • Includes SEO-focused copywriting
    • links to landing pages, social media outlets
    • branding - publication using your logo and contact info
    • placement of your images, graphics
    • custom graphics/images compilation and/or creation, and/or repurposing
  • Pay-Per-Click and/or banner advertising > $75-$350 + 3rd party site's charges
    Request Content Marketing Strategy session
  • Media releases > $250-$500
  • QRCs (Quick Reference Codes) > $25-$49 each
    Scannable QRC > file + place in post/ad
  • Video ads/posts > $250-$1000
    includes editing your video to add branding and CTA
    Add titles and transcripts, from $150

Schedule Your FREE Online Presence Strategy sessionManaging Your Online Presence
includes SEO focused integration and company branding

Your Online Presence Strategy session will help you to "pick and choose" which websites, platforms, and tools to use to be most effective for YOUR business, resulting in a higher ROI. 

  • Add/"Claim" and/or Edit Directory and Map Listings > $75-$250 Initial Listing, $25-$500 per update
    Search Engine Business Listings, Map sites, Review sites, Industry Referral sites - (such as Google Business Profile [previously Google My Business], Mapquest, Yelp, Thumbtack, Angi, etc.)
    typically includes verifications that require your response.
  • Social Media Business Page account set-ups > $150-$500/platform, $49/hour for profile updates
    (like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube!)

Schedule Your FREE SEO-focused Search Engine Marketing ConsultationSearch Engine Marketing (SEM)
aka Website Marketing, Inbound Marketing

  • Site Map, Search Engine Submissions > $250-$450 (XML included in McDel's Web Design Specials) - xml, html, image and visual options
  • SEO Site Audits
  • SEO Keyword Research Report > $199 per page (included in McDel's Web Design Specials)
  • SEO Keyword Benchmark Report > $249
  • SEO Keyword Performance Report > $349
    (after Benchmark Report - choose weekly, monthly, quarterly)
    • Page Ranks
    • Top 100 keywords site-wide
    • Clicks, Impressions, Click-Thrus, Position
    • Analysis & Recommended Actions
  • Reciprocal Links and/or Backlinks > from $79/session

SEO Content Management Services

Schedule your free consultation for SEO content development and management, professional copywriting, website marketing servicesUpdate existing pages to make them work for you!  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is huge for long-term benefits. 

  • Site Content Audits
  • Search-Engine Optimization > $249/page, additional keyword phrase groups > $175
    • Edit existing copy/graphics + meta-tag programming centered on business name, location, and one main product/service keyword phrase "group" 
  • SEO updates > from $79/session
    • revisions and fine-tuning
      • to site and/or page structure, content, meta tags, and/or linking strategy
    • sitemap updates and resubmits
  • SEO Update Plans > $88-$825/month
    • includes SEO, design + professional copywriting / content authoring - details  
  • SEO Copywriting/Content Authoring > from $350/page,
    additional keyword phrase groups > $175
    • includes planning and creating new page, meta-tag programming centered on business name, location, and one main product/service keyword phrase "group"

Let us help you map out your Website Content Management, Marketing and Online Presence Strategy.

Put us to Work for You!

Schedule your free content management, content marketing, or online presence strategy session

Schedule your FREE 1-Hour Strategy Session
Content Management ~ Content Marketing ~ Online Presence

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Online integration with OTHER Websites >
Details about Managing your Online Presence ~ Rates

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