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Website, Content, Search Engine Marketing + Your Online Presence

Custom-designed Website Marketing & PromotionWebsite Marketing and Integrating Your Web/Online Presence

Promote Your Business Using your Website as the Hub of your Online Presence
Create & Maintain Consistent Branding and Image Across All Platforms

Funnels & Flows

Creating an Integrated Online Presence Utilizing YOUR WebsiteJust as your website is the hub of your online web presence, Landing Pages are the spokes in the wheel, designed to welcome and receive the visitors being funnelled from other sites (including the search engines!) and mediums. 

Your online funnels could be SER (Search Engine Results), an email, Social Media, your newsletters, blogs, YouTube!, directory sites, maps, review sites, news stories, ads, articles...

Let us help you use YOUR Website AND OTHER Websites to YOUR ADVANTAGE!

free quote for seo-focused website servicesSearch Engine Marketing (SEM)
aka Website Marketing, Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing

  • Site Map, Search Engine Submission $250-$450 (XML included in McDel's Web Design Specials) - xml, html, and visual options
  • SEO/Keyword Research Report - $199
  • SEO/Keyword Check-up / Keyword Research + Benchmark Report $500-$1500
  • SEO/Keyword Follow-up Reports with Page Content Updates, (after Benchmark Report) $500 per report - (You choose > weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, etc.)
    • Includes SEO copywriting,
    • web page updates/optimization (you must allow us ftp access, app/software update access, and/or control panel access to website for updates if McDel is not your web hosting provider),
    • meta-tag programming,
    • incorporated visuals
    • 3 checks, 3 search engines, 10 terms
  • Site Content Audit Report > aka Website Analysis > from $899
    • Boost search rankings and conversions (and ROI!) by finding gaps, opportunities
    • Includes SEO / Keyword Research / Benchmark Report
    • Includes stats analysis

Website Content Marketing > Your Web Pages, Landing Pages
SEO, Professional Copywriting
Professional SEO Copywriting + Landing Pages

Free consultation for SEO content development, professional copywriting, website marketing servicesYour core/main website pages can also function as landing pages.

  • FAQs > great for SEO as web pages, and to be reused in newsletters, info posts, and more (typically 1000+ words)! - $350-$1000/page
  • Tips & Tricks, Check Lists, "Top 10's", Cheat Sheets, QRCs (Quick Reference Cards and/or Codes) > short, helpful resources for visitors > usually available as a 1-page download (avg. 250-500 words) - $375-$750/each
  • How-To Guides more extensive - with graphics - resources for visitors and/or customers - $450-$1000/each
  • Surveys, Polls, Quizzes - $250-$500/page, initial custom set-up from $350
  • Infographics > 1-2 pages, includes research, copywriting, branding and graphics- $1500-$2000
  • E-books, on-line manuals, tutorials > highly informative and useful to customers > in-depth, and/or step-by-step instructions - $2000-$7000
  • White Papers > $2000-$8000
  • Case Studies, Video Testimonials> $1000-$2000
  • Lead-Generation Landing Page > CTA such as subscribe offer or download offer >short copy "squeeze page" + custom form + thanks page - $500-$1500
  • SEO & Sales Conversion Copy > 2000-3000 words - $700-$1200/page

Whether the landing page is for visitors from a search engine, an email, a blog page, a social post, or some other source, you'll typically have "follow-up" pages such as a thanks screen, or an "are you sure / second attempt at CTA" page, or a link to subscribe or download a free resource.

SEO Services for Landing Pages, Core Pages, All Pages!

  • Search-Engine Optimization per page of existing copy/graphics + meta-tag programming centered on business name, location, and one main product/service keyword phrase "group" ~ $199/page, additional keyword phrase groups from $79
  • SEO updates - revisions and fine-tuning to site and/or page structure, content, meta tags, and/or linking strategy + sitemap updates and resubmits - from $49/session
  • SEO Update Plans - $49-$1250/month, INCLUDES professional copywriting / content authoring - details  
  • SEO Copywriting/Content authoring - web pages from $199/each, includes meta-tag programming centered on business name, location, and one main product/service keyword phrase "group" ~ additional keyword phrase groups from $79
  • SEO Copywriting/Content authoring - ads, emails - from $149/each

Free consultation for SEO content development, professional copywriting, website marketing servicesWebsite Marketing Tools >
Professional SEO Content

  • E-mail, direct mail, multi-media ad campaigns - request free Online Presence Strategy Session
  • Newsletter - delivered via email,
    &/or Blog, - subscription-based followers
    &/or Articles/News - section(s) on your website
     - $500-$3000
    • Strategy session
    • Editorial Calendar
    • Contact/list management and/or integration
    • Online set-up and basic post template
    • Includes current, archive, categories, and comments sections
    • Newsletter print version also available - includes initial layout and structure instead of online set-up, current, archive and comments
  • Newsletters, blogs, articles - per post/article $250-$800, e-newsletter $500-$2000
    • Includes SEO-focused copywriting
    • links to landing pages, social media outlets
    • branding - publication using your logo and contact info
    • placement of your images, graphics
    • custom graphics/images compilation and/or creation, and/or specific repurposing available at $35/hour
  • RSS feeds can be broadcast (out-box) or received and displayed (in-box) pricing is dependent on application

Website Marketing and Customer Relations

Your Business Email is Essential!
In-Box ~ Out-Box

How To Market your Website


SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and your business email accounts are two fundamental tools to promote your website. The ultimate goal of search engine optimization (SEO) is to be found by your target audience/market while they're searching for what you offer and to cause them to visit your website and utilize your site/services.  Most internet users don't scroll past the second or third page of search engine results pages (SER aka SERPs), so being ranked well by the major search engines should be the initial marketing focus in the development of your website.

Landing Pages

Based on your goals, your landing page may have only one CTA, or you may have multiple options.  Whichever CTA the user clicks, the next page, "the thanks page", is designed to take your visitor by the hand, and guide them to more information on your site that is relevant to whatever landing page they were just on, and to answer any questions so they keep answering the CTA on each page...

Your Website is the Hub
Make it and other sites WORK FOR YOU!

Coordinated marketing efforts, using your website as the hub of operations, can bring you prospects, turn visitors into customers, provide customer service, and get you referrals.

Word-of-Mouth on-line 
Shares, Reviews, Referrals, Ratings, Testimonials

It takes some reasearch, analysis, and planning to see which platforms will work best for you.  You have lots of options when deciding which tools and resources you want to use. 

Reports can help you map out your Website Content Marketing and Online Presence Strategy.

Put us to Work for You!
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free quote for seo-focused website servicesFree initial Website Marketing Consultation


Online integration with Existing OTHER Websites >
Managing your Online Presence ~ Details & Rates

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