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SEO...Taming those Search Engine Beasts...

Get Your Web Page Ranks Higher!Where do Your Pages Rank?

If you aren't happy with the results when you search for your website or the products/services you offer, your website probably needs some "tender-lovin' SEO" work!

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) simply means that you've designed, developed, and written your pages so that the search engine's robots will pull all of the relevant information from your pages (both elements that are visible on the page as it is displayed to the user, and from the code in your page source) so that users will find you

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your site includes Search Engine directive files (such as your sitemap and robots files), and should be the initial marketing focus of your website design and development.

Want to be on Page One?

We can get you there. 

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"Guaranteed Listing in Top Search Engines"

Have you seen or received ads like this? Be sure you know what you're really getting... 
Getting listed in the search engines and getting your website listed where you can find it in various search engine results are not the same thing!

Online specials for your custom-designed SEO-focused websiteCustom Website Design with the search engines in mind!

When you use McDel's hosting+design services, we search engine optimize (SEO) your site during design, submit your site for you and deliver results via high page rankings for your primary keywords on several major search engines.

Your website is a business asset. SEO delivers long-term results

Custom "SEO-Focused" Website Design options for existing sites
Custom "SEO-Focused" Website Design all-inclusive new site set-up


McDel builds your SEO-focused website with both web users and the search engines in mind.
Online specials for your custom-designed SEO-focused website

Getting all of your website's pages indexed and ranked well for specific keywords involves SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your pages/site.

We work with you to ensure that the pages of your site are ranked well for your keywords.

Free Search Engine Listing

FREE ~ McDel automatically submits your site to the Search Engines with the purchase of hosting+design services!

free quote for seo-focused website servicesFREE Initial SEO Consultation ~
Custom Web Design, Tune-Ups, SEO, Marketing, Management and/or Online Presence Strategy*

How Most Search Engines Work

SEO specialistMost of the major search engines pull at least some information from your Open Directory Project (ODP) listing. Most also use robots (spiders & crawlers are the same thing) - which are computer programs that pull information from the meta tags - including your keywords - and from your pages, as well as additional information from your site.  Then, the robot reports the data received from this automated examination of your site to the database and either adds your website, or updates the information that the search engine has already compiled on you. 

SEO specialistEach search engine uses it's own proprietary process to determine which of the various elements of your website and on each of your web pages carry the most weight and to determine the RELEVANCY of the page.

Content, keywords, meta tag programming, internal links, external (both incoming and outgoing) links, reciprocal links, robot instructions, age of page, site structure, sitemap info, affiliated advertisers, and SSL pages for secure content are some the page and site elements considered by each search engine's proprietary algorithm.

SEO specialistAnd there's more!  Quality back links, 3rd-party links, cross-linking, popularity on social sites, reviews/rankings, and even the searcher's location, are used to produce the exact page rank (or order) of each search request submitted on their site. 

SEO specialistYour online presence and activity on various social networks (such as LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube! and Twitter) is also becoming not only a standard element of how the search engines rank your site, but a key factor. 

SEO specialistAdditionally, "crowdsourcing" and each users browsing habits and social network use can also influence which sites are returned in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).  Yes, this means that several users may use the same keywords and get different results.  You may have already noticed the results of the Search Engines using this practice in the ads displayed. 

SEO specialistWhen a user types in keywords to "do a search," the results are displayed based on the relevance of the information in the search engine's database (all of the info listed above about your pages) to the keywords requested, and based on the user's browsing history.

How to "Get Listed" in almost all major Search Engines + links to Submit your Site and more about "How They get your Site Info".

View SEO results of the WebStir™ team's custom website design.

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