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Have you seen or received ads like this? Be sure you know what you're really getting... 

Getting listed in the search engines and getting your website listed where you can find it in various search engine results are two totally different things! If you're using McDel's hosting/design package, we search engine optimize (SEO) your site during design, submit your site for you and deliver results via high page rankings for your primary keywords on several major search engines.

Where do Your Pages Rank?

If you aren't happy with the results when you search for your website, or the products/services you offer, please visit our Website Marketing page and let McDel customize a plan to optimize your site in order to reach your objectives.

Want to be on Page One?

We can get you there. Whether you already have a website or are starting from scratch, give us a call or email us.  Your initial Website Design and/or SEO consultation is free (by phone unless you're near Grand Junction CO or pay travel costs).

McDel builds your SEO-focused website with both web users and the search engines in mind.

We work with you to ensure that the pages of your site are ranked well for your keywords.

Free Search Engine Listing

McDel automatically submits your site to the Search Engines with the purchase of
any and every hosting/design package!

How to "Get Listed" in almost all Search Engines...

Submit your site to the
Curlie Directory
(formerly known as the ODP and DMOZ)

Do it yourself or McDel does for you

Free Search Engine Listing with every hosting/design package...

ODP - A Search Engine, but not...

Now known as the Curlie Directory, the Open Directory Project (ODP) is the easiest way, and "only major directory that is 100% free"* to get your site listed in just about all of the search engines.  The site states that it is a directory, not a search engine, yet all major search engines use their data, which is free to anyone.

Although free, they are very strict about submissions, and you may only submit your site to one category. Every submission is actually viewed by a human, and will be placed in the most relevent category.

Take time to browse their site, as several categories may work for your company, but you may only choose one.

The site, dmoz.org, is owned by AOL/Verizon/Oath Inc., but had been built and maintained by volunteer editors who are now providing the Curlie Directory.  When AOL closed the website in 2017, an archived, non-editable copy of the site was posted at dmoztools.net.  And the volunteer editors stayed together, and relaunched the ODP at Curlie.org.

Frequently Asked...

"How long does it take for my site to show up in a search engine like AOL Search, Bing or Google?"*
"Once your site is listed in Curlie, it may take a week or more for your site to appear on any of the search engines that use its data. It is the responsibility of those search engines to pick up the latest version of our data. We have no control over when third parties update their data."*

- Curlie.org*

*quoted/reprinted on 2/1/2018 from https://curlie.org/docs/en/about.html

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) simply means that you've optimized your pages so that the search engine's robots will pull all of the relevant information from your pages (both elements that are visible on the page as it is displayed and from the code in your page source) and Search Engine directive files (such as your sitemap and robots files) so that users will find you.

Where do your pages rank?  Custom-designed Search Engine Optimization Website Marketing Services

Let McDel search engine optimize your web pages and submit your site for you. Request sample search results.

Request free quote for Search Engine Optimized web pages & SEO-focused design

Major Search Engines**

Links to Submit your Site
or How They get your Site Info

Before you submit your site, most of the search engine and/or directory sites ask you to do a search on your company name and your domain name to see if you're already listed in their database. Some of these listings are free; others require payment!

  • AOL - now owned by Verizon - no link known to submit site
  • Ask (formerly Ask Jeeves) "Our answer searches no longer function as a traditional search engine--we are now focused on providing the best answers to your questions, and to do so, we rely on content from various partners."
    • Lycos - now all paid ads - feeds Ask's sponsored searches
    • pulls from Yelp! reviews for local business listings
  • Bing - formerly MSN & Live - (10-year collaboration agreement with Yahoo! starting 7/29/9) - now in Bing webmaster tools - login with Microsoft, Google or Facebook login.
  • DuckDuckGo.com - "the search engine that doesn't track you", site info obtained from various sources, "no reason to submit particular sites or URLs"
  • Gigablast (requires login and payment)
  • Good Search - pulls from Yahoo! - Each search benefits the charity of your choice.
  • Google Services - Google Webmasters - you have to create an account - "net market share of 78.78%"*** BUT "If you didn’t know, 72% of the business and finance searchers are not found on Google" ***
    Note: Google Adwords is a paid service where you bid on keywords
  • Pinterest - "2018 world's best image search engine"***
  • Yahoo! - (10-year collaboration agreement with Microsoft [aka Bing/MSN/Live] starting 7/29/9) - Yahoo! acquired: 
    • Alta Vista, Fast, AllTheWeb, Inktomi, and Overture
    • Yahoo! was acquired by Verizon in 2016, to be combined with AOL, also purchased by Verizon
    • Submit site via Bing webmaster tools or using robots.txt directive for Yahoo! crawl
  • YouTube - "Largest Video search engine 2018"*** (owned by Google)

If you want your site listed in the "sponsored results" on search engine pages, you will need to enter into an advertising agreement with the respective site(s). Or we can do it for you!

Request free quote for Search Engine Optimized web pagesLet McDel optimize your pages and submit your site for you. Request sample SEO results.

**compiled originally in 2003 for US businesses; last updated 4/23/19
*** according to https://www.digitalgyd.com/best-search-engines/ on 2/1/2018

Meta Searchers - Search Engines that Search the Search Engines!
(No known link to submit site.)

History of Search Engines...

The ownership of the search engines is an ongoing process! This is Information compiled from 2006-2012:


Internet Web Pages Archive

How Most Search Engines Work

SEO specialistMost of the major search engines pull at least some information from your Open Directory Project (ODP) listing.
Most also use robots (spiders & crawlers are the same thing) - which are computer programs that pull information from the meta tags - including your keywords - and from your pages, the robots file, and the sitemap on your site.  Then, the robot reports the data received from this automated examination of your site to the database and what that search engine has already compiled for you (or it adds your site to their database). 

SEO specialistEach search engine uses it's own proprietary process to determine which of the various elements on your web page - content, keywords, meta tag programming, internal/external and reciprocal links, cross-linking and popularity on social sites, robot instructions, age of page, site structure, affiliated advertisers, SSL pages for secure content - and more are used to produce the exact order of each search request. 
A presence on various social networks (such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter) is also becoming not only a standard element of how the search engines rank your site, but a key factor.

SEO specialistWhen a user types in keywords to "do a search," the results are displayed based on the relevance of the information in the database (about your pages) to the keywords requested.


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