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Managing Your Website and Online Presence

Get your custom-designed website with SEO to have a good foundation!

The initial step is to assess your starting point and current resources, for both your Online Presence and your Website.  Using your website as the hub, you'll be able to leverage the benefits of various platforms to accomplish your website goals.


  • What you want your website to accomplish,
  • Who your target audience is, and
  • What you are offering (goods, services, education, entertainment, etc.) will determine the track(s) you need to take.

Control Your Online Info!

Monitoring and Managing YOUR Website...

Who's watching your website? 
Clients?  Prospects?  Competitors?  Hackers?  Board Spammers?  E-mail Spoofers? 



Do you know how many visitors you have?  Where they live?  How they found you?  How long they stay on your website? 


Do you know which search engines are crawling your site?  Or what companies are linking to your website?

Custom Website Strategy, Design and Management ServicesWebsite Strategic Planning and Evaluation Reports

  • Website - Content Management Session and Report > $79
  • Website - Content Marketing Strategy Session and Report > $79
  • SEO Site Audit - Overview > $199
    • Site Speed
    • Technical / Security / Accessibility
    • UX - Responsive/Mobile-Friendly, Site Structure
    • SEO - Meta Tags, Keywords, Traffic
    • Recommendations
  • SEO Site Audit Comprehensive Report > $1150, up to 7 pages,
    $149 per additional page
    Boost search rankings, conversions, and ROI by identifying SEO issues and errors. 
    • SEO Site Audit Overview +
    • SER - Company Visibility
    • Pages Indexed, Site Errors, URL Optimization
    • Structure of Individual Pages - Header Tags, Content on Topic, Word Count, Readability
    • Keyword Analysis
    • Internal links
    • Backlinks
    • Recommendations
  • Site Audit - Content Overview > $249
    Home Page 7-point Review, Additional pages > $199 each
    • Analysis and Recommendations
  • Site Audit - Comprehensive Content Report aka Website UX Analysis> $1500 for up to 5 pages, Additional pages > $299 each
    Improve UX, search rankings, conversions, and ROI by analyzing and finding gaps and opportunities in content and CTAs
    • Site Identity and Company Info
    • UX assessment - ease of use, readability, mobile-friendly
    • Content, Design, CTA, and Gap Analysis
    • Graphics & Video Best Practices
    • SEO Keyword Research Report
    • SEO Essentials Evaluation
  • Website Design & Development Strategic Plan > from $299
    (Included in McDel's Web Design Specials)
    • type/functionality:  purpose of site, interactive features, forms needed, delivery of feedback, additional resources
    • site stucture:  site map, navigation, flow, cross-links, CTAs
    • content strategy: goals, target audience, themes, messages, topics, purpose per page, CTAs
    • assess content needed:  copywriting, images, graphics, audio/video
    • design, style, image, voice
    • SEO strategy, purpose per page
    • legal:  privacy and security policies, copyright, trademarks, terms of use, personal/financial data collected
    • technical:  domain name, hosting, building, updating, integrating

More Reports and Services

SEO Content Management Services

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Reports and Services

Basic Website Stats Reports**

Custom-designed Website Management ServicesSeveral website statistics reports are available which can help you analyze the traffic you're getting and which ad campaigns, referring sites, and/or platforms are most successful. 

AWStats and Webalizer stats programs are included with all MP Web Deluxe & Web Power Hosting accounts, and DIY Hosting.


  • *Stats - Basic Web Overview Report > $49
    • AWStats monthly summary, missing files, broken links, incoming links
  • *Stats - Monitor & Manage Report > $99
    • Basic Overview Report + host origin + pages visited + top downloads
  • *Stats - Search Report > $129
    • Monitor & Manage Report + top entry/exit pages + keywords/phrases search terms
  • Stats Analysis Report > $179

*View these stats reports from your McDel web admin control panel if you want to DIY.  AWStats and Webalizer are included with all McDel Website Hosting accounts.
**Rates listed for Website Stats Reports are utilizing McDel Web Hosting Services. If hosting services are provided by another company, website management that include stats will be quoted on a per project basis.

Proactive Website Management

The reports on this page and on the "make your website work for you" page will help you monitor what's working and what's not working on your site. 
Posting regular updates is known as Content Management.
View Website Update Plans.


free consultation for online presence strategy and website services Free 1-hour Initial Consultation for Content Management, Content Marketing or Online Presence Strategy


Who is Managing Your Online Presence?

Have you "claimed" your listings?
Are you ON the MAPs?  

Is your info current and do you have reciprocal links set-up on all your directory and search engine listings, social media profiles and association member sites?

Have you read the online reviews about your business?  Have you responded to them?

Customized Website Management Services
Your Online Presence Strategy
Assess ~ Manage ~ Integrate

Create an integrated, cohesive Online Presence by strategically planning and coordinating online marketing and website content resources.

free consultation for online presence strategy and website servicesOnline Presence Strategy & Management Reports

  • Online Presence Strategy Session and Report > $79
  • Business Listings and Reviews Report > aka Assessing Your Online Presence > $249
  • Platform reports > quote per project
    • Search Engine Reports - Google and Bing
    • Social Platform Reports - Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram
  • Conversion Reports > quote per project

Online specials for your custom-designed website, SEO and online presence!Plan, Design, Develop, Market, Manage...

From planning, to building, to managing and marketing your custom-designed website and integrating it with your online presence, we serve you and your interests every step along the way.


how to integrate your online presences with your website

Website, SEO, Content Marketing are
how to integrage your online presence
with your website as the Hub of Operations.



Custom-designed Website Maintenance and UpdatesVisit the "Bells & Whistles" page to see numerous content resources designed to engage your visitors.

Professional Development and Management of Custom Websites since 2000... 


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