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SEO Results + Custom Website Samples

Responsive Web Design Samples (aka "Mobile-Friendly")

Responsive Web Design means that your website is easy to navigate and easy to interact with...on ANY size Screen!

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A Few Custom-Designed Websites by The WebStir™ Team, based in Grand Junction Colorado

M & R Farms USA - Clifton, CO
Centennial Beef - Collbran, CO
Mesa County USBC - Mesa County, CO
Ventura Cleaning Services - Ventura, CA
Big Scripture™ - Colorado

J&M Affordable Auto - Leesburg, FL
Real Estate with Raini- Oxnard, CA
Plateau Valley Medical Clinic - Collbran & Mesa, CO
Spanky's Dogs - Mesa, CO
The Plateau - Collbran, Mesa, & Molina CO - Grand Junction, CO
Collbran Congregational Church - Collbran, CO
Cat Track Outfitters - Collbran, CO
Julius Equipment, Inc. - Collbran, CO

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Website Deals - afforable custom-designed websitesResponsive Web Design
+ SEO Content
= Happy Users and Clients!

("Responsive" aka "Mobile-Friendly", "SEO" = "Search Engine Optimized")

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SEO Website Content Yields Results!
You Get HIGH Page Ranks in Search Engine Results "SER"...
Which Results in More Visitors to Your Site ("SEO Traffic")

SEO > Short and Long-Term Benefits!

Below are a couple of sample Google Search Engine 3-month Performance Graphs. Both new and older sites can get several #1 page ranks in the search engine results for multiple keyword phrases.

Get SEO Results - Google Search Engine Performance Report
8-month old website, updates monthly or so - after each major holiday - (local GJ CO florist)

Get SEO Results Google Search Engine Performance Report
13-year-old website, weekly updates - (car dealer in Leesburg FL)

Search Engine Results

Clients' #1 Page Ranks on all three major search engines: Google, Bing, and Yahoo!  All of our clients' sites have #1 Page Ranks for multiple keyword phrases.

SEO Results > #1 Page Rank > Get Listed at the TOP of the page!
SERs on Google
#1 of 30,400,000 results for "custom-built band saw" on 7/11/20
SEO Results > #1 Page Rank > Get Listed at the TOP of the page!
SERs on Bing
#1 of 2,510,000 results for
for "jack russell terriers breeder" on 8/3/20
SEO Results > #1 Page Rank > Get Listed at the TOP of the page!
SERs on Yahoo!
#1 of 37,000,000 results for "auto dealer Leesburg FL" on 8/3/20

free quote for seo-focused website servicesRequest appointment time for your Free Initial Website consultation today!  970-208-3348

SEO Content on your Web Pages

SEO/SER > Get Found by Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.!
SEO (Search Engine Optimized) Content ~ aka:
Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Website Marketing

Book my free consultation for seo + custom website design servicesThe primary purpose of SEO is to get searchers to find and come visit you, your website, because they're looking for what you have!  

Most Efficient!  " owners should continue to invest in search. It’s easy to get distracted by the ever-growing list of Social Networks, but at the end of the day, search will continue to be the largest and most efficient traffic driver..."*

Most Effective!  "Inbound marketing, when executed correctly, is 10 times as effective at converting leads than outbound."* 

Do People Find YOU When They Search?

Where do your pages rank?  Developing custom websites since 1998, and client sites since 2000, McDel Publishing has helped several small businesses create and establish a web presence... and get found in the search engines due to "SEO" = "Search Engine Opitmized" pages and websites.

Get on page 1!

USA-based support!100% USA-Based Website Services

McDel Publishing is located in Grand Junction, Colorado.

All of our servers, files, and personnel live in the USA!  If you want to be able to CALL and TALK to someone,

here's our number:  970-208-3348!

Website Deals - afforable custom-designed websites

*sources:  SemRush, Eloqua (Oracle®), HubSpot, AWAI, Search Engine Land, Shareaholic, Conductor

Responsive Website Design with SEO

Your Website - Your Logo - Your Style - Your Focus - Your Voice

First, we'll help you determine the reason you need a website and it's purpose. 

What do you want your website to do for you? 

Next, is to decide WHAT kind of website do you want?

What is the primary focus?

Who are the primary users/audience?

Easy to Navigate, Easy to Interact...on ANY size Screen!
Responsive Web Design ("Mobile-Friendly")

Next, we'll talk about content and style, along with keeping your brand and logo consistent across multiple channels.  

Get SEO Results! (High Page Ranks on the Search Engines)

Building your website so that it will look good on any size screen and is easy to use and navigate, as well as getting your pages ranked high in the search engines are essential considerations.

We'll discuss the name and location for your website.  We'll assess your current online presence and suggest how to integrate it with your website. 

Search Engine Optimized "SEO" Web Pages

Then, we'll develop a plan, including determining "your voice", the "tone of voice", and the purpose for each page on your website.   Through SEO, we get your pages ranked well and shine a spotlight on the reasons why searchers should choose to visit your website.  After your approval, our professional copywriters and designers get to work to build a custom website that WORKS FOR YOU.

free quote for seo-focused website servicesWe can also help you determine web update and management needs, as well as plan a strategy to coordinate your web marketing, online presence, and "traditional advertising" efforts.

What in the world is SEO?


Customized Website Marketing & Promotion
We listen to you and develop the custom-designed website that will get you found!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) simply means that you've optimized your pages so that the search engine's robots will pull all of the relevant information from your pages (both elements that are visible on the page as it is displayed and from the code in your page source) and Search Engine directive files (such as your sitemap and robots files) so that users will find you.  Many other factors* are considered as well in producing the Search Engine Results (SER) (pages listed when you do a search).  But, they're giving a RANK of how relevant each page is, based on their own proprietary formulas.

This is aka "organic" search

If you want better results for your website's pages, contact us!

Website Deals - affordable custom-designed websitesSeveral pages of the custom-designed websites that we've built, redesigned, manage and/or market for our clients are returned on the first page of the search engine results (SER) in most search engines for their selected keywords due to our SEO website content developmentMany have #1 page ranks for multiple keywords.

More info on SEO and Search Engines
One way to aid your search engine results is to use reciprocal links.
Example: McDel Publishing is a top web design firm in the Grand Junction, Colorado Website Design Services guide on

Request Free Initial Conultation free quote for seo-focused website services

SEO Specialists - We Produce Results!

McDel's website development team specializes in developing SEO pages in your custom-designed website

Hit the Mark You're Aiming At!

From planning
to publishing
to maintaining your custom-designed website, we serve you and your interests every step along the way.

SEO ~ Website Content Marketing ~ Professional Copywriting Services

After your website is posted, we can put your website to work for you!
Integrating SEO with all marketing copy and doing regular updates to your site will increase your ROI. 

SEO ~ Website Content Marketing ~ Professional Copywriting Services
Website Content Management & Marketing
is simply updating your website and letting people know about it...
Of course, some ways are more effective than others...

The majority of our happy clients are small business owners. 
All have Page 1 rankings for multiple keyword phrases.
Read what they say...

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free quote for seo-focused website servicesFree Initial Website Consultation**
Web Site Design, Tune-Ups, SEO, Marketing, Management and/or Online Presence Strategy

**We're in Grand Junction CO.
Custom Design and SEO-Website-Content Marketing consultations are by phone or virtual conference unless you're local to Mesa County, Colorado.,
On-site consultations available if you wish to pay travel costs.

Take advantage of our SEO experience and expertise!

Request appointment time for your Free Initial Website consultation today!

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