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"The ROI on content marketing has risen 300% in the last 3 years."

FAQs ~ Websites, SEO, Content Marketing

Content Marketing FAQS

Question:  What is "content marketing"?
Short Answer: Content Marketing includes Building and Updating Your Website.
Content Marketing also includes Distributing Content that Attracts More Traffic - Visitors - Customers.

Lists of Content Marketing Examples

Detailed Answer:  Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

Content marketing starts with identifying the customer's needs.  The information can be presented in numerous formats on your web pages.  FAQs, blogs, and articles that answer viewers’ questions are the most common to build credibility and engage your visitors. 

Additional ways to provide valuable content to your users are videos, infographics, check lists, how-to guides, e-books, white papers, case studies, and testimonials, just to name a few.

Successful websites include a variety of content to serve their visitors and customers.
Newsletters, emails, and posts are commonly used for content distribution.

The goals of content marketing are the “basics of advertising”: 

  • attract attention,
  • increase name and brand awareness,
  • generate leads and sales,
  • build user/customer trust, loyalty, relationships, community
  • provide excellent customer service
  • get repeat business and referrals

Content and Interactive features
Commonly Used on Web Pages

Question: What are some examples of Content Marketing?
1.  Creating and managing content on your web pages is part of your content marketing strategy.  Top performing pages include:

  • Product pages
  • Blogs and articles
  • Customer testimonials and success stories (videos are a great way to showcase these)
  • How-to-guides and FAQs
  • Case studies
  • White papers
  • Podcasts

See an extensive list of types of content marketing.  

2.  Distributing your content may include several of the following:

  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Search Engine Listings, Maps, and Optimization
  • Industry site listings
  • Pay-per click ads
  • Ads on other sites (and other mediums)
  • Influencer marketing
  • Affiliate marketing

Effectiveness of each type of content and distribution outlet will vary by industry and ideal audience.

More Details on Content Marketing

Question:  What is "inbound and outbound marketing"?
Answer: Inbound marketing is a strategy to bring visitors IN to your website. 
It starts with outbound content marketing:  creating and distributing useful and relevant content that connects with your audience.  The objective is to create a compelling reason for the prospect or customer to come to you.

Examples include Search Engine Optimized (SEO) web pages, emails, newsletters, business profiles and listings, social media posts (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube!), and guest posts to blogs.

For search engines, the content used to connect is primarily conveyed by your page title and description (part of SEO).  Traffic from search engines is the one source of inbound marketing.

For emails, newsletters, posts, and ads, you'll include a link that goes to a landing page specific to the content distributed.  On the landing page you'll have a call-to-action that helps you build a relationship with the visitor.

High-quality content is designed to ATTRACT your target audience.  Visual content, such as images, videos, charts, or graphs, are more appealing than just several paragraphs or pages of text. 
But, your headline and the text are also key components to persuade the reader to come check you out!  Story-telling, statistics and customer testimonials are a few examples of items that make your text more effective in connecting with the reader.

As you create your posts and emails, keep in mind the goals of "clickable" and "shareable".  What information can you present that readers will appreciate enough to find out more and to share with their friends?  They can exponentially expand the reach of your content marketing assets.

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Report on Inbound Marketing > SEO and Content Marketing

Use What Works! 
In a report* re: 2020 inbound marketing projects, business owners are focusing on content and SEO:

  • Growing SEO/organic presence is #1 with 61%
  • Blog content creation is #2 with 55%
  • Marketing automation is #3 with 50%
  • Content distribution/amplification is #4 with 47%,
  • Interactive content creation is 5th with 36%

SEO Marketing > More Visitors 
Traffic from search engines has always outpaced traffic from social media sites.  "64% of Website Visitors Come from Organic Search"*

Largest and Most Efficient! 
" owners should continue to invest in search. It’s easy to get distracted by the ever-growing list of Social Networks, but at the end of the day, search will continue to be the largest and most efficient traffic driver..."*

More Economical! 
"Inbound leads cost 61% less on average than outbound leads."*

invest in custom content and SEO by the WebStir™ team

Way More Effective! 
Inbound marketing, when executed correctly, is 10 times as effective at converting leads than outbound."* 

Valuable Content > On the Upswing and Rising! 
"The ROI of content marketing, the heart of inbound (marketing), has risen 300% over the previous 3 years."*

Content Marketing - the New Normal! 
"The rise of content marketing has turned many traditional businesses into media publishing companies."*

*sources:  SemRush, Eloqua (Oracle®), HubSpot, AWAI, Neil Patel, Search Engine Land, Wikipedia, Shareaholic, Conductor

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Content Marketing, Website Marketing, Outbound Marketing

Although Inbound (SEO) Marketing is considered the most effective lead-generation method, Outbound Marketing can't be overlooked!  

All of your content distribution (outbound marketing) is a factor in getting better SEO results, as well as exposure to more prospects!

Sending emails and/or texts, creating business profiles on search sites and social media, and posting relevant, useful content that relates with your audience are essential in your content marketing strategy.

Attract Prospects > Value and Serve Visitors > Convert to Customers

Your website is the foundation and hub for doing business online.  You own your website - it's a business asset.   It is an opportunity to reach a world-wide audience, which gives you an unlimited potential for growth.

Your Content and Design are the primary materials of your website - and the "face" or "storefront" that is visible to the public.

Incorporating SEO into all of the pages on your website is like choosing the best quality materials that will produce the highest long-term value. 

Portions of several of your web pages can be used to create "postable and sharable" content. 

Sending emails and posting on search engine, video, and social platforms are the most used content marketing distribution methods. 

Content and SEO Marketing Utilizing YOUR Website as the Hub

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Details and rates for Website Marketing, Content Marketing, SEO Marketing, and Inbound Marketing

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SEO Question: How do I get my website found on Google?
Answer:   Play by their rules.  Google has hundreds of pages of "how-to's" regarding website content, pages, SEO, and being indexed (found) by their search engines.   Getting found isn't hard, but getting your pages ranked well so they display on the first couple pages of the organic search results is a result of many factors called SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  Images and videos may also display in separate sections, based on the search requested.   

Include Google in your Content Marketing Strategy!

To see your business on Google Maps, claim your Google Business Profile (formerly/aka Google My Business).  You can add posts, services, and products. 
This is the section in Search results that displays with a map and list of businesses, geared towards local searches.  Numerous articles are provided by Google to explain how to utilize your Google Business Profile.

The merchant center on Google is another free tool, used to get images of your product to display in the shopping results section of Google search results and in the Google Shopping Tab.  Set-up for this feature requires including Google's shopping code and scripts into your website pages. 

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Content Marketing includes Building and Updating Your Website.
Content Marketing also includes Distributing Content that Attracts More Traffic - Visitors - Customers.

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