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Types of Websites, Web Pages - Functionality
Interactive Pages, Services, Portals

Websites can provide basic info like a brochure...  Provide interactive services, or your online store can be open 24/7/365!

Let's Build the Website that You Want & Need!

Reason for Your Website

Are you offering entertainment, information or a service?
Or do you want to sell, sell, sell?

Whether it's short or long, text-based or graphic-driven, flashy, technical, helpful, or just for fun, websites have one thing in common: they all started with an idea and a blank page.

Affordable Custom-Designed Websites

First we need to define why you want a website, its purpose, and your expectations. Then we can help you or show you how to achieve the goals and objectives of your website.

Types of Websites

What is YOUR Purpose?

  • to get your name known... 
  • convey a message...
  • provide credibility...
  • promote and/or sell your products, services...
  • provide information?
  • attract new customers?
  • service existing clients?
  • sell products or services?
  • entertain?
  • educate?
  • offer employee services?
  • provide intra-company access?

More Ideas & Website Considerations &
DIY Free Website Planning Pages

What kind of website do you want?

It's your site! Let's make it do what you want it to!
And get it ranked high in the Search Engine Results
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What kind of Web Pages do you want... and/or need?

There are several types of websites, but most are developed to provide information, goods, or services. Your website is built with several web pages and elements within the pages.

Core Web Pages

  • Home Page
  • Product(s) / Services
  • About
  • Contact Info, Locations/Directions
  • Staff/Member Directory
  • FAQ's
  • Support/Customer Service
  • Legal, Privacy, Terms of Use

These pages are the most common "essential information" web pages used on small business websites, family-owned business websites, personal services websites, professional services websites, church websites, non-profits, associations, team, club, event websites

"Types" of Web Pages

Basic "Static" Web Pages

You click on links, buttons, images, to browse/navigate site - a few examples are: 

  • many website "home" pages
  • educational (news, articles, references, etc.)
  • advertising your business - like an electronic billboard or flyer or catalog or several full page ads that run 24/7 worldwide...
  • FAQs
  • customer testimonials
  • entertainment (photo galleries, videos, etc.)
  • manuals
  • product instructions
  • directories - staff, business
  • locations, directions
  • agendas, minutes, annual reports

Affordable Custom-Designed Websites

Interactive Pages

Information is returned based on what the user enters into a text box on screen or choice made between options - a few examples are:

  • users adding comments to articles
  • event calendars
  • users submitting feedback, customer testimonials, product ratings, etc.
  • slideshows, interactive photo galleries
  • searchable pdfs
  • custom forms - user's info/response is sent to you via e-mail &/or collected in a text file, csv file, or database
  • games
  • surveys, quizzes, polls
  • social plug-ins

More info on different types of web pages and the bells and whistles that can be included on your site. 
View McDel's website design specials.

Online specials for your custom-designed website and online store!

Portals & Web-based Interactive Services

Many portals or interactive web-based services are separate software programs, installed on your web server. 

Portals and/or Dynamic Pages

A portal is a dynamic page, section on a page, several pages, or an entire website that requires a log-in to access additional information or certain pages - a few examples are:

  • CMS - content management system
  • Business Management - expense reports, work orders, billing, and more
  • blogs, forums (users can post/upload files)
  • education websites (student and staff info)
  • e-commerce - on-line store
  • customer service portal
  • company portal (employee access only)
  • membership sites
  • social portal or site - like Facebook (blogs, forums, etc.)
  • gaming or entertainment pages or sites - like YouTube! (video gallery/website - users can upload their videos)
  • search engines, searchable directories, search on site

INCLUDED with McDel Web Hosting

Below are a few examples of the 500+ open-source programs and/or scripts that are available with our Web Hosting services.

  • b2evolution
  • feedonfeeds
  • WordPress
  • phpBB
  • SM Forum
  • XMB Forum
CMS (Content Management Systems)

There are over 50 CMS portals available to install with McDel's web hosting control panel. Here are some of the most used:

  • e107
  • Joomla
  • Mambo CMS
  • PHP-Fusion
  • Bolt
  • Drupal
  • WordPress
  • Xoops
Support Systems
  • CS Live Helper
  • helpcenterlive
  • phpMyChat
  • phpMyFAQ
  • Coppermine Photo Gallery
  • Gallery
Miscellaneous Functions
  • DokuWiki
  • FormMail
  • phpESP
  • phpgroupware
  • phpmycounter
  • PHProjekt
  • Advanced Poll
  • SiteBar
  • sRecommender
  • WebCalendar
  • WebCards


With McDel's DIY, Web Deluxe or Web Power Hosting, you can install and manage any of these open-source programs and MORE.

Your website is the hub!

Or we can do it for you!
Includes personalized service!

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