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Steps needed to have your own website. On-line Store (optional)
  • Shopping cart
  • Secure certificate
  • Secure payment gateway
  • Merchant account (to accept credit cards, debit cards & checks)
  • Deposit (operating) account

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Step 4 ~ WHERE ~ Develop & Implement the Plan

Determine Name and Location

What's in a Name?

Do you already have a Domain Name
Or are you building a Brand New Website? 
Brainstorm to create a list with several options for a domain name.  Will it be based on company name? brand name? type of product? Is it easy to spell? easy to remember? Typically, the shorter, the better!
Did you know that you can't use the "&" or "@" signs or spaces in a domain name?


Location, Location, Location

Using Detailed Site Structure: Navigation/Flow/Cross-links/Calls to Action
and the Page Titles and Purposes developed in the last step, the final step is to decide

Where and How are you going to BUILD
and Maintain Your Website?

Do you already have a place to host your website?
Is your Web Server on your own network? A portal or search engine site? Your internet service provider's site?  Do they allow the flexibility of custom design, or are you locked into a template?  Do they provide a web design program, or can you use your own program and upload your website files via ftp?  Can you add multiple email accounts at your domain name with your hosting at no additional charge? 

Server/Web Hosting Considerations

How is a website hosted?

  • For your website to be up and available 24/7, your web hosting server must be functional the same hours.
  • Server hardware and software and administration is required, as well as compliance with several industry and banking standards such as PCI-DSS.
  • Mail server software and 24-hour technical support should be available.
  • You can purchase shared or dedicated hosting on an HSP's (Hosting Service Provider's) servers - McDel offers website hosting plans, all with 99.9% server uptime, ample space, and quick response times.
  • You can purchase space on someone else's website.
  • You can utilize "free" pages on other companies' websites.

    If you're launching a brand new website, let McDel register your domain name and provide your web hosting services!  We have DIY hosting, as well as full-service Get Noticed! web hosting accounts with extensive tools to manage and monitor your website - and 100% USA-based services/support.  50 business email accounts are included with the Web Deluxe Hosting plan, and 100 email accounts are included in the Web Power Hosting plan. 

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