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Steps needed to have your own website. On-line Store (optional)
  • Shopping cart
  • Secure certificate
  • Secure payment gateway
  • Merchant account (to accept credit cards, debit cards & checks)
  • Deposit (operating) account

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Step 2 ~ WHAT... Details - Requirements

Decide on your website structure/form - WHAT kind of website do you want?
Define the functionality you want from it.


You may only want a Basic Presence, providing your company contact and fundamental information.  Or you may need a more Interactive, Professional Presence to allow interaction with your visitors.  Depending on your type of business, and your current online presence, you many want a fully-integrated website, or to build your own online store, creating a Power Presence.

Site Structure & Integration with Current Online Marketing

Bare-bones basic websites - just the vitals on your company, product, service, brand, etc.  Think postcard or billboard type info, perhaps with a slide show of multiple images or a video giving an intro to you and your business.

Information type websites (News and Media Releases, FAQs, instruction manuals, booking/rental info, and more)

Interactive websites - customized forms, comments sections, blogs, click and call, slide shows/photo galleries, surveys, webinars, training, forums, gaming, and the list goes on...

Integrated websites - landing pages, infographics, video, 3rd-party blogs/apps, social accounts, launch to PayPal® or current shopping cart site (like eBay®)

E-Commerce on your website will require SSL, shopping cart software (several free open-source options are included with McDel Web Hosting), a Merchant Account, and a Payment Gateway Service, as well as compliance with PCI-DSS standards.

Content & Size

  • Company info > Non-Profit, Retail, Wholesale, Service, Government
  • Trademarks - Service Marks - Motto - Slogan
  • Images, graphics, logos
  • Ad & Copy writing - all verbiage on every page
  • Product/Service descriptions
  • Size will be determined by the amount of information you wish to present and how you want it presented.


  • What image do you wish to present?
  • What sets your company/product/service apart?
  • Company Associations/Licenses/Memberships
  • Business/Professional?
  • Elegant/Sophisticated?
  • Fun/Artistic?
  • Young/Trendy?
  • Action/Dynamic?
  • Nature/Patriotic?
  • Conversational/Interactive?
  • Graphic-Rich/Content-Focused?
  • Regardless if which type(s) of website you build,
    you will definitely want to implement SEO, traffic funnels, landing pages, and Calls to Action...

    Understanding Privacy

    How do I learn about legal and privacy issues?

  • Copyright information is available at
  • Patent & Trademark information is available at
  • If you are collecting any personal data, you must post a privacy policy.
  • All personal/financial data must be kept secure - and preferably separate
  • If the visitors to your website are 13 or under, additional laws apply.
  • Please seek legal counsel regarding website privacy and security policies.
  • Please visit for more information on US laws regarding privacy.
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