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Steps needed to have your own website. On-line Store (optional)
  • Shopping cart
  • Secure certificate
  • Secure payment gateway
  • Merchant account (to accept credit cards, debit cards & checks)
  • Deposit (operating) account

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Step 1 ~ WHY do you need a website?

Determine the reason you need a website and it's purpose.

WHY do you want/need a website?

  • To advertise your business?
  • To provide information?
  • To establish credibility?
  • To make your business more available, accessible online?
  • To attract new customers?
  • To provide customer service to existing clients?
  • To sell products or services?
  • To entertain?
  • To educate?
  • To conduct workshops, classes?
  • To provide services to employees?
  • To utilize online collaboration, forms, billing, expense reports
  • To recognize/spotlight achievements, outstanding people, places, ideas
  • To gather information?
  • To be more responsive, in-touch?
  • To announce events?
  • To invite participation?
  • To set appointments?
  • To establish brand, name, image?
  • Who do you want to see, read, use your website?
    (target audience)

  • general public?
  • potential customers?
  • current clients?
  • members only?
  • employees only?
  • specific target audiences? (demographic or geographic?)
  • What do you want your website to do for you?

  • provide company information?
  • build a contact list?
  • sell products/services?
  • advertise business or specific services/products?
  • replace printed materials - flyers, newsletters, brochures?
  • integrate with other media?
  • affordably publish current price lists?
  • consolidate staff publications such as policies and procedures, employee handbooks, training, expense reports...?
  • recognize employees, achievements, company milestones
  • to answer "FAQs" - Frequently Asked Questions about your business, services, products?
  • to provide the most current warranty, or legal or privacy policies?

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