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you have to have a good foundation!

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Renovate Update Revise Re-design Make-over

Maintain Manage Market

YOUR WEBSITE should reflect YOUR distinct style, voice, image!

As your business evolves, you'll also want to take proactive steps to make your website a fine-tuned instrument that WORKS FOR YOU.   As technology and web standards are continuously evolving, your website will need periodic "tune-ups".

After your website is up and running, you'll also want to do regular updates to keep the content fresh.  You may want to make changes to graphics and copy on current pages, work on SEO for specific keywords, or add pages, offer specials, provide additional resources for visitors - the list of options is growing every day! 

Or you may be ready to integrate with online marketing, or add landing pages for unique URLs (website page addresses) for other media sources where you're advertising.

free quote for seo-focused website servicesEach website is as unique as it's owner.  Let the custom-design YOUR WEBSITE to reflect YOUR UNIQUE image, style, standards.   Or re-design, renovate, or do some "spring cleaning"!   

Take advantage of our FREE 1-hour initial consultation to discuss the needs for YOUR website and/or online marketing.

Web Design/Development
Site Design, Updates, Make-Overs, Maintenance ~ "À la carte" Rates*

Online specials for your custom-designed website and online store!Build, update, make-over, renovate &/or tune-up your website: design, SEO, content, &/or structure:

  • Basic pages - $35/hour
  • Interactive pages, SEO updates - $49/hour
  • Programming - software or script install, configure, customize, or upgrade - $79/hour
  • SEO Copywriting/Content authoring - web pages, ads, emails - from $99/page
  • Website Design & Development Strategic Plan - from $299 - details - (included in McDel's Web Design Specials)
  • SEO/Keyword Research Report - $199 - details - (included in McDel's Web Design Specials)
  • Site Map, Search Engine Submission $250-$450 - details - (XML included in McDel's Web Design Specials) - xml, html, and visual options
  • SEO Check-up / Keyword Research / Benchmark Report $500-$1500 - details

*Small Business Special - For "À la carte" projects requiring 5 hours or more, we reserve the right to give you a 5% discount
15-25 hours... 10% off, 25+ hours... 15% off - but for new websites and site renovations, see our website design specials.

Hit Your Mark!You have to Know What You're Aiming at to Hit Your Mark!

Copywriting for Landing Pages are created with a specific call-to-action

Landing pages typically have "follow-up" pages such as a thanks screen, or an "are you sure" second attempt or upsell page, or a link to a free resource download, and/or autoresponders that send a specific email.  But, sometimes the landing page is a specific main page of your website.

  • Lead-Generation Landing > Thanks, CTA such as subscribe offer or download offer >short copy "squeeze page" - $500-$1500
  • SEO & Sales Conversion Copy > 2000-3000 words - $700-$1200/page
  • Infographics > 1-2 pages, includes research, copywriting, branding and graphics- $1500-$2000
  • R&R > request referrals, request reviews, get testimonials, subscription sign-ups - $250-$800

Whether the landing page is from an email, a blog page, a social post, a search engine, or some other source, you'll probably want to have a series of pages to take your audience to the next step. 

Add Some Pizzazz!
Additional Tools/Resources

These additional tools/resources can be set-up as individual web pages, incorporated into landing pages, integraged into other pages on your website or used in your marketing campaigns.  Some can be offered as downloadable resources.

  • Feedback forms > can be as simple as a "request a callback" or subscription sign-up box, or as elaborate as an on-line credit application  - $79-$1000/pg
  • Surveys, Polls - $150-$500/pg
  • FAQs > great for SEO as web pages, and to be reused in newsletters, info posts, and more! - $500-$1000
  • How-To Guides, Tips & Tricks, Check Lists, "Top 10's", Cheat Sheets, QRCs (Quick Reference Cards and/or Codes) > short, helpful resources for visitors > usually available as a 1-page download - $250-$1000
  • e-books, e-guides, on-line tutorials > highly informative and useful to customers > more in-depth, and/or step-by-step instructions - $2000-$7000
  • White Papers - $2000-$8000
  • Case Studies - $1000-$2000
  • Event Calendars - hosted on your site - $350-$700 set-up, $25-$99/update
  • RFQ - Request Free Quote for these custom-designed website services
  • Member-only Sections > Employees, Customers, Community Forums/Groups - hosted on your site
  • Podcasts
  • Webinars

"À la carte" Rates*

  • Logo design or re-creation - from $49
  • Custom graphics - $35/hour
  • Animated graphics
      • rollovers - logos - buttons - $49/hour
  • Print or web ads - $49/hour
  • Flash animations or video - $79/hour
      * Video Scripting, Video Recording, Video Production, Video Sales Letter Scripting - quote per project
  • Photo galleries/slide shows - from $250
  • Image scans
      • includes minor photo adjustments and optimization - $35/hour
  • Photo editing/manipulation - $35/hour
  • Photo optimization - $5/each
  • Photo restoration - $35/hour

*Small Business Special - For "À la carte" projects requiring 5 hours or more, we reserve the right to give you a 5% discount
15-25 hours... 10% off, 25+ hours... 15% off

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