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Your Website is a Reflection of Your Business!

Custom Website Design & Tune-ups

Let's Add Some Pizzazz!

Site Design, Make-Overs, Re-Designs, Renovations, Updates, Tune-ups
Refresh, Revise, Integrate, Maintain

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Each website is as as its owner

Let the team custom-design YOUR WEBSITE to reflect YOUR UNIQUE image, style, standards, brand, preferences and business goals!

Brand NEW Site or Makeover...
Updates or Tune-Ups
YOUR custom-designed WEBSITE
will reflect YOUR distinct style, voice, image, values!

Custom-Designed Websites, Custom Builds

Site Design, New, Make-Overs, Re-Designs, Renovations

Your website needs a good foundation!

We can start "from the ground, up" or bring life to an existing site.

Web pages from $350

Site structure, the information included on each page, and numerous optimizations are the foundation of a well-built, effective website.

Explore content and design options
or Just Call 970-208-3348 and
Tell us What YOU Want!

If you don't KNOW what you want, we'll brainstorm with you, and see what will work best for you.

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Web Tune-ups:  Content, Design, SEO

Updates, Tune-ups, Refresh, Revise, Integrate, Market, Manage

Your custom website design will reflect your small business' image

CONTENT includes any copy + any audio/visual "aids" ~ i.e. text, pictures, videos, podcasts, design, captions, tool-tips, etc. ~ on your web pages. 

Regular content updates from $29/month

Keep content fresh, useful, engaging

Regular updates + SEO + content marketing strategy
Get Higher Page Ranks in the Search Engines!
Get more visitors!

User Experience Optimization & Content Marketing
Revise page flows, content structure and/or design>
Get higher conversion rates!

Web Tune-Ups for User Experience Optimization, SEO, & Content Marketing

Custom Website Design SPECIALS

Custom Web Design + Hosting + Domain

Your website will be custom-designed to reflect your small business' image

The sky's the limit!  What do you want YOUR site to look like and do?

Ready to Go Custom Websites from $599

Online specials for your custom-designed website and online store!We have four Custom Website Design "packages" that include initial SEO/SEM and features to build a solid foundation for your Website Build or Renovation.   See Specials
Add 1-year website hosting + domain name for only $99 or $298. 

Order Website Design Specials onlineOrder any Design Special with Domain+Hosting today for the best deals.

free quote for seo-focused website servicesLet's discuss a strategy for YOUR ideal site.

Website Tune-ups ~ content management plans are detailed below.

Your Website: an Ever-Evolving Business Asset...

Custom Website Content + SEO

"The ROI on content marketing has risen 300% in the last 3 years."

Peace of Mind Personal Service
Included with any Website Updates Plan

Content Marketing Strategy
Pages meet current technical + Web Standards
Proofreading, Editing:  grammar, punctuation, spelling, page structure
Image & URL optimization

Web Tune-Ups:  Maintain, Manage, Market
Update, Refresh, Revise, Refine, Integrate

Take advantage of Your Content Marketing Strategy session included with any Update Plan!

Our professional artists and designers seriously delight in making YOU happy and more successful.

Website Content, Design, & SEO Update Plans
User Experience Optimization & Content Marketing

"News & Info"
Update Plan 1 - monthly
Content-Only Updates
+Stock Images/Graphics*
Order Website Update Plan for content, design, and/or SEO online

Maximum per year:
12 sessions
30 assets / changes
10 hours
*12 stock images

"Spice it Up"
Update Plan 2
Content-Only Updates
+Stock Images/Graphics*
Order Website Update Plan for content, design, and/or SEO online

Maximum per year:
30 sessions
60 assets / changes
22 hours
*30 stock images

"Rock Steady"
Update Plan 3 - weekly
Content-Only Updates
+Stock Images/Graphics*
Order Website Update Plan for content, design, and/or SEO online

Maximum per year:
52 sessions
500 assets / changes
60 hours
*100 stock images

Update Plan 4
Content-Only Updates
+Stock Images/Graphics*
Order Website Update Plan for content, design, and/or SEO online

Maximum per year:
104 sessions
1000 assets / changes
120 hours
*200 stock images

"Dedicated on Call"
Update Plan 5
Content-Only Updates
+Stock Images/Graphics*
Order Website Update Plan for content, design, and/or SEO online

Maximum per year:
175 sessions
1750 assets / changes
200 hours
*350 stock images

"Beck & Call"
Update Plan 6 - daily
Content-Only Updates
+Stock Images/Graphics*
Order Website Update Plan for content, design, and/or SEO online

Maximum per year:
250 sessions
2500 assets / changes
300 hours
*500 stock images

keep it fresh+Content-Only Updates

Keep it Fresh!

and tell us specific page placement and changes.

the right look design+Stock Images/Graphics

Invite, Welcome, Engage, Connect!

"The Right Look"
that are relevant to copy and integrate with YOUR web style.

  • We still feature your logo and pictures
    • But, if you don't have images, we'll supply from professional stock libraries, public domain, and custom designs from our art/design team
  • includes custom designed website graphics: backgrounds, buttons, icons, etc.

SEO Content updates with full page optimization+SEO Content Updates with Full Page Optimization +Graphics

Reach Your Target Audience! 
While they're searching for what you offer!

team writes SEO-focused page content from interviews, emails, text messages, phone calls, marketing or business materials, images, or files you provide to inform us of updates needed.

We feature your logo and images + supply any additional graphics needed as we edit, optimize, place and work content into pages, while "adding our " to produce organic page ranking results.   

XML sitemap is updated after every session, and re-submitted if necessary.  Search Performance and traffic are tracked in Google, Bing, and site stats programs.

Our goal is for you to LOVE every A/V asset and web page, and for them to BENEFIT YOU!

Why are Content, Design, and SEO SO Important?
Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Website Marketing

Content Marketing - King to your visitors!

Content is King ~ Search Engines are Queens! More about SEO/SER/SEM

Add landing pages
to welcome visitors (inbound traffic) from other media sources.

Increase Conversions!

Content Marketing Strategy & Regular Web Updates

As your business evolves, you'll want to take proactive steps to

make and keep your website a fine-tuned instrument that WORKS FOR YOU.  

As user trends, technology, and web standards are continuously evolving, your website will need periodic updates or "tune-ups".

Staying current and providing new content to welcome new and repeat visitors will encourage them to return, and will also help you get and keep high page rankings (aka SERs - Search Engine Results), increase traffic, conversion rates, and ultimately, ROI.

Free Content Marketing Strategy Session when you order any Update Plan.

Reach Your Target Audience/Market

Content is King ~ Search Engines are Queens!  More about SEO/SER/SEM

Integrate your online presence  with SEO-optimized, branded content!
Social Media & Review Sites
Business Listings/Directories

Increase Leads !

Your Website: A Valuable Business Asset

One of the beauties of content marketing
(updating your website and letting people know about it!)

is that each page added can increase the value, and the effects are long-term and cumulative.

"Can Increase the Value"...

The better the page, the better the increase...

For example, an FAQs page is a great service to your customers and visitors.  It can also reduce the number of support calls, as well as build consumer confidence.  AND the search engines love this type of page!

SEO and effective content give extremely high ROIs especially if you factor in the long-term returns.

Let's develop a Content Marketing Strategy to benefit YOUR business! 

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FAQs ~ Websites, SEO, Content Marketing

Better ROI, More Visitors! 
Traffic from search engines has always outpaced traffic from social media sites.  "64% of Website Visitors Come from Organic Search"*

On the Upswing and Rising  "The ROI of content marketing, the heart of inbound (marketing), has risen 300% over the previous 3 years."*

invest in custom content and SEO by the WebStir™ teamMore Economical!  "Inbound leads cost 61% less on average than outbound leads."*

Biggest and Most Efficient!  " owners should continue to invest in search. It’s easy to get distracted by the ever-growing list of Social Networks, but at the end of the day, search will continue to be the largest and most efficient traffic driver..."*

Way More Effective!  "Inbound marketing, when executed correctly, is 10 times as effective at converting leads than outbound."* 

Use What Works!  In a report* re: 2020 inbound marketing projects, business owners are focusing on content (copy + A/V) and SEO:

  • Growing SEO/organic presence is #1 with 61%
  • Blog content creation is #2 with 55%
  • Marketing automation is #3 with 50%
  • Content distribution/amplification is #4 with 47%,
  • Interactive content creation is 5th with 36%

*sources:  SemRush, Eloqua (Oracle®), HubSpot, AWAI, Search Engine Land, Shareaholic, Conductor

SEO > Short and Long-Term Benefits!
Google Search Engine 3-month Performance Graphs

Get SEO Results - Google Search Engine Performance Report
8-month old website, updates monthly or so - after each major holiday - (florist)

Get SEO Results Google Search Engine Performance Report
13-year-old website, weekly updates - (car dealer)

More SEO Results: High Page Ranks!

#1 Question: How do I get my website found on Google?
Answer:   Play by their rules.  Google has hundreds of pages of "how-to's" regarding site content, pages, SEO, and being indexed (found) by their search engines.   Getting found isn't hard, but getting your pages ranked well so they display on the first couple pages of the organic search results is a result of many factors called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) beginning with how your pages are prepared, structured, and the content they contain.

How do I get my business ON THE MAP?
Answer:   For most sites, you "claim your business listing," which will usually include you having to provide some kind of verification of ownership.

custom-designed websites, SEO, web marketing, design and development by the WebStir™ teamHow do I "Claim My Listings"?
Answer:   Detailed step-by-step instructions...  Click the Show me button and put "how to claim listings" in the message box to receive "Cheat Sheet". 
Short answer, go to Google, Bing, Yahoo, Mapquest, etc. - in the map/business listings section look for the link to add, update or claim your business. 

Question: How long is a web page?
Answer: For any "per page" rates listed here, a web page is 250-1000 words unless otherwise indicated.
For some perspective, 1000 words is about 2 printed pages (single-spaced, average font size).
Most people will read 1000 words in 5-7 minutes.

What is "content marketing"?
Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

What is "inbound marketing"?
Inbound marketing engages with an audience by connecting them with useful content through organic means, such as search engines and sharing links with friends.
Examples include Search Engine Optimized (SEO) websites, emails, blogs, social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube!), ebooks, videos.

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