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Stir up Business From the Web!

1.  Build a Website that Gets FOUND on Google, Bing, etc.
2.  Develop/Implement Your Content Management and Online Presence Strategy
3.  Acquire More Leads, Prospects, and Customers

The WebStir™ Team can Help You!

What can we Stir-up on the Web for you?

Who/What is the WebStir™?

Hi!  I'm Kammy McElwain, one of the owners of McDel Publishing.  I coined the term WebStir™ in 1999 as a play on words...

"Creating a stir on the web" seemed much more realistic and attainable than being a "webmaster" or "mastering" the web! 

The has evolved into McDel Publishing's website design, development, administration and marketing team.

The ™ Team includes our network of numerous artists, photographers, designers, developers, techies, printers, and craftsmen, who are all small business owners themselves.

The ™ Team listens to what YOU want YOUR website to do FOR YOU.  We then develop a custom-designed website and online presence strategy / content management plan to meet your needs. 

You can also visit us on Facebook at WebStir.McDel

Do you remember when there was no internet?  I do!

I plunged into learning web design and how the internet worked in 1998 to build a website for our computer training company.  By 2000, I had left my "outside job" in sales and advertising, and was working full-time on client designs and web projects. 

Designing, developing, managing, and marketing websites for clients and our own business became my "main position," and still is.  In 2002, we started offering virtual web hosting, SSL, and e-commerce to clients.  In 2017, our web hosting company made changes to become an EPA Green Power Partner and Green-e certified.  Having integrated PayPal® and proprietary shopping solutions for years, in 2022, we became a Shopify Partner too.

cPanel admin for Web Hosting SSL Partner Hosting Company is Certified Green Partnerweb hosting company's green web hosting certified by GreenEMcDel Publishing is a Shopify Partner


And now, "EVERYONE" is online!
(Your business does have a website, right?)

Best Deals for YOUR Custom Designed WebsiteDon't want to know the details of website design, development, programming, updates, content management and marketing, cross-platform issues, browser compatibility, and how to master the formulas of those search engine beasts?

You can tell us what you want, and we'll take care of it!

Leave the "Web Stuff" to us!

Making clients' websites "Create a Stir" and helping their businesses succeed have been my ambition for over 20 years...

Custom design, SEO, and interactive web development are at the core of making your website work for you

  • Your website is "search engine optimized" (SEO) so that you get FOUND on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.
  • Intuitive, custom design and interactive features provide an easy-to-use website that welcomes and engages your visitors and customers.
  • Your "Mobile-Friendly" website will look great on ALL screen sizes!
  • Your custom-developed website pages will load FAST! (A key factor in keeping visitors on your site.)

At the heart of your website and online presence strategy is copywriting engaging and useful content for your guests and prospects.

With a BA in English, proofreading and editing are "automatic side benefits" when we work on your project.

What can we "Stir-up" on the Web for you?

STIRRING Up More Business with your website and HELPING YOU acquire and serve clients will continue to be the objective!

Content Marketing with YOUR Website as the Hub

Managing your website and online presence doesn't have to be a chore! 

The ™ Team is Happy to Help You present YOUR BEST SIDE!

But, if you do prefer to DIY, we can develop your custom-designed website so that you have access to update, manage, and/or market it yourself.  We provide affordable hosting, domain, and mail services too.  

We LOVE learning something NEW every day... We're definitely in the right profession for that opportunity!

Technologies, devices, software, the world-wide-web, and international standards for using it are continuously evolving.  AND,

So are the needs of each individual business! 

Your custom-designed website is a long-term business asset!  

As the hub of your online presence, it should be working FOR YOU.

Schedule free web design or Updates and Content Management consultationFind out how to increase the value of your website and your ROI. 

Just give us a call (970-208-3348) or schedule your free consultation online!

More Visitors, More Customers, Serve Customers, Repeat.

Take Advantage of The WebStir Team's Experience and Get Noticed!

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100% USA-based website design, support and services since 2000.

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