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#1 Reason for Your WebsiteSEO specialist
#2 Types of WebsitesSEO specialist

#3 Types of Web PagesSEO specialist
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Web Page Options and Interactive Features

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#1 Reason for Your Website

Affordable Custom-Designed WebsitesAre you offering entertainment, information or a service?
Or do you want to sell, sell, sell?

Whether it's short or long, text-based or graphic-driven, flashy, technical, helpful, or just for fun, websites have one thing in common: they all started with an idea and a blank page.

First we need to define why you want a website, its purpose, and your expectations. Then we can help you or show you how to achieve the goals and objectives of your website.

#3 What kind of Web Pages do you want... and/or need?

Affordable Custom-Designed WebsitesAdvertise - Be open 24/7!

There are several types of websites, but most are developed to provide information, goods, or services. Your website is built with several web pages and elements within the pages:

Basic "static" pages
Typically, you just click on links or buttons to browse - a few examples are: 
  • educational (news, articles, references, etc.)
  • advertising your business - like an electronic billboard or flyer or catalog or several full page ads that run 24/7 worldwide...
  • entertainment (photo galleries, videos, etc. that users can view)
  • manuals
  • product instructions
  • directories
Interactive Pages
Information is returned based on what you enter into a text box on screen or choice made between options - a few examples are:
  • search engines, directories
  • on-line store catalog - shopping cart
  • users adding comments to articles
  • users submitting feedback, customer testimonials, service comments, etc. that are posted immediately
  • forms - user's info/response is sent to you via e-mail &/or collected in a text file, spreadsheet, or database
  • blogs, forums
  • surveys, quizzes
A portal is an interactive page, section on a page, several pages, or entire website that requires a log-in to access additional information - a few examples are:
  • educational (student and staff info)
  • e-commerce - on-line store
  • customer service portal
  • company portal (employee access only)
  • social portal or site - like Facebook (blogs, forums, etc.)
  • entertainment pages or site - like YouTube! (photo galleries, videos, etc. that users can upload live)

Many portals are separate software programs, installed on your web server.  View open-source options included with McDel Get Noticed Web Hosting.


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Websites can provide basic info like a billboard...

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#2 Types of Websites

What kind of website do you want?What is YOUR Purpose?

Get your name known...  Convey a message... Provide credibility... Promote, sell your products, services...

  • provide information?
  • attract new customers?
  • service existing clients?
  • sell products or services?
  • entertain?
  • educate?
  • offer employee services?
  • provide intra-company access?

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#4 Requirements for Online Stores

Affordable Custom-Designed WebsitesOpen Your OWN Store
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  • A Domain Name
  • Your own Web Server or Web Hosting with E-Commerce capabilities
  • Secure Certificate
  • Shopping Cart for online store management
  • Merchant Account to accept credit and/or debit cards and/or e-checks
  • Payment gateway to process on-line payments
  • Business Operating Account - your local bank/business account for deposits

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